10 Reasons Fire Alarms for Business are the Smart Way to Go

Fire disaster destroys or damages thousands of businesses each year. It may not seem like it, but one fire can kill a business. There are ten very sound reasons to consider the installation of an advanced fire alarm system:

1. Alarms Save Lives According to the NFPA 3,275 people died in fires of all types in 2014. Early warning alerted via alarm systems represents a key aspect to preventing fire deaths and injuries to employees or customers.

2. Building Asset Losses are Minimized If a fire does happen within a company building, the loss of building and vehicle assets are minimized by rapid emergency response. Therefore, thousands of dollars in assets may be preserved by having an updated, advanced fire alarm system.

3. Insurance Benefits Insurance premiums are generally lower when fire alarm systems are installed. The Insurance Information Institute reports that an alarm system that includes fire protection can lower premiums by as much as 5% to 20%. The reduced cost of insurance can help offset the cost of the alarm system.

4. Job and Income Losses are Reduced Job and income loss are reduced, or eliminated with the installation of an advanced fire alarm. Not only do alarms protect employees from injury, but they also reduce potential building damage caused by fire tragedies.

5.  Important Documents Vital business records may be preserved with early warning if an advanced fire alarm system has been put into place. The preservation of these documents can make or break a company’s future.

6.  Legal Costs are Reduced Legal costs are minimized or eliminated with business fire alarm systems. Injury, death, and collateral property damage may result in liability, litigation and financial obligation that can ruin a business.

7. Inventory Protected With a business fire alarm put in place, inventory is protected so that the company can resume quickly if an incident does take place.

8. Employee Productivity With business fires, employees are oftentimes forced to work elsewhere after the event and productivity is lowered while rebuilding takes place. With an installation, little to no time is needed to maintain building stability after a fire and employee productivity remains similar to usual.

9.  Employee Morale Fire safety awareness improves employee morale because feeling safe in the work environment is vital to establishing hard working employees.

10. Positive Customer Awareness   A fire can reduce customer confidence in your business. Customer loss is a significant risk to future business stability.

Fire alarm systems are smart for businesses. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the event that a tragedy happens.
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