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Senior Living Facility Internal Process Efficiencies

In part 2 of this blog series, we discussed why wandering management technology is used with a few simple benefits. But let’s dive a little deeper and explore more technical reasons you should be using this technology in your senior living facility. Monitoring systems are a key element of ensuring the care plans for residents who are at risk for wandering is executed to their full capacity by assisting the staff with heightened security and alerts.

Easy Monitoring & Alert Notifications

Wandering management technology can be leveraged to create a more effective monitoring techniques through both visual observation and instrumental monitoring. This technology also alerts the senior care personnel to monitor and respond to issues in other parts of the building while making rounds though the facility.

Immediate Feedback & Instant Communication

Wandering management technology also provides immediate feedback to caregivers or other facility if there is an issue or emergency that needs to be addressed. Allowing for instant communication with other staff members makes for a simple process when it comes to contacting emergency agencies while responding to a health or security issue.

Internal Staff

Devices worn by the residents can alert staff of unusual movement within the living quarters, whether to detect a fall or an unexpected departure. An alert can be sent to one of the care personnel to check out the situation. Usually the reaction time will be quicker if the staff members are moving about the facility during their routine inspections.

Senior Living Facility Technology

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