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The Role of Technology Designed For Senior Living Facilities Today - Securing Senior Living Part #2

During part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the reasons the senior living industry is growing exponentially. Now, let’s dive into the different technologies associated within each facility.

Monitoring the health and location of residents in senior living communities, particularly assisted-living facilities, is a critical responsibility. In most cases, the question is not “if”, but “when” a situation may occur that requires immediate response. New technologies, sensors and monitoring devices are playing an ever increasing role in overseeing the well-being and care of residents. Devices have been designed to alert care personnel remotely to potentially dangerous situations such as notable changes in respiration, heart rate, body temperature, and even hydration levels.

Major Benefits of Wandering Management Technology

Wandering Management Systems are being used in senior living facilities all over the United States, mostly due to 4 major benefits including:

  • Increased resident security
  • Increased security of staff, family & friends
  • Increased resident satisfaction
  • Improved response time

Technology does not replace the human element of subjective scrutiny by continual observation. However, wireless technology linked to portable devices can substantially enhance wandering inspection.

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