Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon’s enterprise-class installation, the Access Control Manager (ACM) is a complete, IT-friendly Physical Access Control System. It gives you the ability to respond immediately to alerts, protecting your assets, property, and most of all, your people.  This browser-based solution integrates with existing HR/IT systems, which minimizes your need for redundant data entry while maximizing your access and control features.  The ACM will keep your information and valuables safe and securely monitored, no matter where you are.

The ACM works with laptop, mobile, tablets, and any web-enabled device, allowing you easy access from multiple points—with no external database required.  Our software solutions are 100% HTML5 web-based, which means that you won’t have to deal with any client software or client-based licensing.  There aren’t any recurring licensing fees, software updates, or support to worry about.  

Our Linux-based system can be hosted on a Highly Available VM environment, and works completely from non-proprietary Mercury Panels to protect your physical hardware.  Choosing the ACM solution doesn’t mean that you’ll have to throw away all of your previous system investments.  Our solution integrates with existing databases such as LDAP, SQL, Oracle, and even recurring CSV imports on a base level.  

The system also allows for a scheduled synchronization of cardholders, with no duplicate data entry to worry about.  This feature not only saves you time, but increases your security should it be necessary to quickly terminate employees’ badges.  Mobile credentials are kept secure via the HID Mobile ID solution, and partitioning of the system enables various departments to manage their own doors and users independently of one another, making the system more efficient and eliminating redundancy.  

Video events on the ACM solution tie directly to the Avigilon video solution and other video systems, allowing bi-directional integration for premium security and ease-of-access.

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